Colorcore Signage

Colorcore® is a material that has created a revolution in outdoor signage. Until recently, exterior sign material has been limited to cheap foam, thin metal or wood.  No matter how much they are protected, these materials are susceptible to the elements and vandalism and require constant maintenance.

Colorcore® is a .5” thick co-extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with a thin cap layer of one color and a core of another color. By routing or engraving through the cap layer, we expose the core color, therefore eliminating the need to paint the sign. The material is UV stabilized so it will not fade, crack or rot; it is more durable than any wood or metal; it is chemically resistant and virtually graffiti proof; and it’s material cost is less than redwood.

By eliminating the hand-painting process, we can produce these routed signs for a fraction of the cost of painted signs. Our computer-controlled routers are extremely fast and can perform complex machining such as 3-D engraving and simulated carving. For production runs, our machines can cut with both heads to produce two signs at once or for half the cost. All of our machines are equipped with automatic tool changers so secondary operations like drilling mounting holes and deburring edges are performed while the sign is being routed. Eliminating these secondary operations allows us to be even more price competitive.

These signs are ideal for extreme climate conditions such as marinas, ski resorts and state parks because of their durability. But their clean appearance, low cost and maintenance free properties make them the obvious choice for playgrounds, subdivisions, apartment complexes, parking lots, golf courses and businesses as well. From quantities of 1 to 10,000 League Manufacturing can produce the highest quality routed sign for the lowest price.