Plastic Fabrication

League Manufacturing has been fabricating plastic sheet products since the 1960’s. Our capabilities include precision cutting, CNC routing and milling, bending, assembly, welding and flame polishing. We specialize in machining large format parts (up to 60” x 120”) but we routinely machine small parts as well. In addition to our fabrication resources, we also provide design assistance. Many customers approach us with a “concept” and we help guide them toward a finished product. Customization to your needs is our strong point. Our vast knowledge of plastic machining and materials allows us to make suggestions which ultimately improve product performance and/or lower product cost.

Products that we manufacture are used in many applications including: point of purchase (POP) displays, machine guards and windows, conveyor star wheels and chain guides, marine products, playground equipment, scientific and research observation tanks, exhibit and display stands, inventory bins, information kiosks, and many other industrial applications. While we stand out from the crowd in producing high end, complex products, we are still price competitive on simple jobs in mid to high volume.