Our Company

2017 marks our 100 year anniversary!!! We are a 4th generation family owned manufacturer based in Greenville, South Carolina and our focus is contract machining of wood and plastic products. Our success over the years is based on building relationships that stand the test of time. We constantly strive to give our customers more than they expect – particularly in the area of customer service.

Over the last 100 years we have machined hundreds of thousands of parts from wood, wood composites, plastics, phenolics, foam, rubber, aluminum and other materials. Our extensive knowledge of materials and machining has allowed us to assist customers when others couldn’t.   What sets our company apart from most other job shops is our ability and desire to solve customer problems. The combination of highly adaptive machinery and vast experience with an array of materials and machining techniques has allowed us to convert many of those companies into loyal customers. Based on this broad experience, we have made products including:

Tram car frames for Disney World

24’ Fender guitar replica for Super Bowl half-time show

Plywood floor systems for cargo vans and rail cars

Signage for the Olympics

Acoustic doors and sound absorbing treatments for Recording Architecture of London

Shipping crates for jet engines and other aircraft components

Plastic hatches, vanities and dash panels for boat builders

Star wheels and chain guides for conveyor systems

Wooden transfer pallets for appliance manufacturers

Plastic and wooden cutting boards

Custom furniture components and modern bed frames

Architectural interior panels

3-D surfaced clamp beams for 150’ wind turbine blades

Polycarbonate inspection windows

Ammunition and missile crates for our armed forces

Components for store fixture and point of purchase (POP) displays


Please see images in our industry specific pages for more examples of our work.