Our Machinery

Our arsenal of CNC routers and saws allows us to produce close tolerance parts in high volumes.  Each of our 5 CNC routers is equipped with automatic 8-position tool changers which will accommodate router bits, end mills, drill bits, shaper cutters and special aggregates. Two of our routers feature an additional boring head with 11 vertical x 4 horizontal boring bits. Three of our larger machines feature twin router heads. These twin-head machines allow us to produce twice as many parts per cycle or for half the cost of a traditional single head router. We can machine single parts as large as 60″ x 120″ or two parts simultaneously up to 60″ x 60″. Each of our five CNC routers is configured differently so each machine will process certain jobs more efficiently than the others under specific circumstances.   In addition to our CNC routers, we also have a front load CNC panel saw, a rear load CNC panel saws and other CNC panel processing equipment.

Our manual machining department includes 60 other pieces of traditional woodworking equipment including planers, joiners, saws, shapers, molders, drills, sanders and finishing equipment. This equipment allows us to machine many types of wood, plastics, foam and non-ferrous metals.

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than our state-of-the-art machinery is the fact that we are now powering all of our equipment by the power of the sun. We recently installed a 30,000 sf solar grid on the roof of our factory which provides clean power for our plant. This recent installation ensures we are pioneering the effort to become an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the single most valuable resource within our company. ERP ties all aspects of production, sales, AP/AR, purchasing, HR, scheduling, job costing and invoicing into a single information management system. All aspects of product design and engineering are handled thru Solidworks and AlphaCam software.