Packaging Solutions

League Manufacturing has began making shipping crates since the 1920’s and has produced many types of packaging products through the years. Over the last two decades, however, we have narrowed our scope to three major product groups:  collapsible re-usable shipping crates, re-usable shipping pallet collars and custom block pallets.

The common theme in our packaging products is “environmental responsibility”.  All three product lines are made from pine timber managed forests.  What this means is that when trees are cut saplings are replanted.  Unlike clear cutting, reforesting has no damaging impact on our air quality and does not accelerate erosion.  Many people still think that if a product is good for the environment it’s bad for your wallet but we will show you how these products can radically reduce your annual packaging costs.  All three product lines are designed to be reused multiple times (minimizing environmental impact on landfills) and all are stamped for ISPM-15 export compliance.

Below are brief summaries of our three product lines with links to the web pages.  Once you click on the web pages you’ll get very detailed information about each product.  If you need help determining which product is best for your application just give us a call and we’ll help you decide which solution is right for your specific application.  Our toll free # is 1.800.362.4569.

Quick-Crate – Collapsible shipping crates  

Quick-Crates represent the cutting edge in shipping crate technology.  Quick-Crates have phenomenal strength and offer superior product protection.  When empty, they collapse to approx 10” high saving tremendous warehouse space.  Once collapsed, they can be returned to the original shipper.  Since the ratio of collapsed boxes to set-up boxes is about 5:1 the cost of freight return is a fraction of the cost of a new crate.  We have made tens of thousands of these crates for our customers worldwide.  See why Quick-Crate sets the bar for international shipping.


Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are a cost effective solution for products that need the protection of a crate without the expense of a full blown crate system.  Developed in Europe for the automotive industry, pallet collars are built around the Euro pallet standards of 600mmx800mm or 800mmx1200mm. Like the Quick-Crate system, pallet collars fold flat for storage or return shipment.  The most significant advantage of pallet collars, however, is their expandable design.  We offer a number of option to satisfy customer needs including plywood tops, pre-bored hole patterns, milled slots and cutouts, D-rings and custom built product supports. Contact us to learn more about our pallet collar system.


Block pallets

Block pallets are quickly replacing traditional hardwood pallets in most retail and industrial applications. The biggest advantages that block pallets have over hardwood pallets are 4-way pallet entry, increased life expectancy, improved handling safety and reduced environmental impact.  While the big retailers also benefit from standard pallet dimensions, we realize that many companies need pallets custom built to their exact requirements.  We have carved our niche building custom pallets at competitive prices. We offer a number of option to satisfy customer needs including plywood tops, pre-bored hole patterns, milled slots and cutouts, D-rings and custom built product supports.  Contact us to learn more about our custom block pallets.