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About League Manufacturing

Decades of Experience

Since our doors opened in 1917 we have offered only the highest quality parts and service.

Short Lead Times

Highly trained staff and efficient CNC machinery allow for minimal lead times.

ISO Compliant

We work hard to see that our facilities and operations are ISO compliant.

Contract Manufacturing

All aspects of your order are to your exact specifications.

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Quality Manufacturing Since 1917

League Manufacturing opened it's doors as a lumber company and has adapted to the times over the past 9 decades, producing everything from textile machine parts to mop handles for the Navy during wartime to a wide variety of plastic parts.  With the introduction of CNC machinery in the 1980s we became able to produce a higher volume of products at lower costs and stricter tolerances.  Today with 3 high-efficiency CNC routers, we remain on the cutting edge of manufacturing and always produce the highest quality parts for our customers. 

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League Manufacturing prides itself on adapting to your application requirements. Our experience and CNC machinery allow us to work easily with virtually any wood or plastic in many different industries. 


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